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Quality Samples With Warehouse Management


The interface between the SAP Warehouse Management system (WM) and SAP Quality Management (QM) allows us to manage and monitor inspection lots that are stored in the warehouse. The interface not only support the goods receipt process, but also the transfer of goods and the transfer of inspection relevant materials in the warehouse.
With the help of this functionality the system automatically creates transfer orders for quality samples in the quality area and holds the remaining stock in a different area as needed.

Process Outline
Master Data Settings

To properly support the process, certain master data settings are required. We highlight the most important ones.

Material Master

Warehouse Management View 2
ALE Quantity – Standard Pallet size must be maintained to make sure SAP calculates the standard pallet size properly and assigned a SU per Pallet if applicable.


Inspection Plan

ASample Procedure must be assigned in the inspection plan and also the material must be assigned in it. The sample procedure will determine the sample size based on the quantity received.


The Process
Inspection Lot

Once the material document is generated after posting a goods receipt, the inspection lot will automatically be created.
AThe sample size is calculated based on the sample procedure defined in the inspection plan.


Transfer Requirement

ATransfer Requirement is created in background with reference to the IM movement 101 (goods receipt). The stock will be posted in storage type 902 at WM level.
BThe Inspection Lot is attached as reference in the transfer requirement.


Transfer Order Creation

APalletization. SAP pulls the standard pallet size from the material master.

BSample Put Away. From the configuration, we can define putting away the sample quantity previously calculated in the inspection lot in the QUALITY area.

CThe remaining pallets are putaway based on the strategies defined in the material master and configuration.


Transfer Order

AThe sample quantity is created and to be confirmed in the quality area.

BThe regular pallets have to be confirmed in the warehouse area.


Mission accomplished. The system automatically splits the incoming receipt into subsequent transfers for the quality samples and transfers for the remaining pallet quantity.
It should be noted that

  • The transfer orders may be created in background (must be defined in the configuration)
  • Storage Units may be or not assigned to the sample areas (must be defined in the configuration)
  • Printing a different label for the sample is also possible (must be defined in the configuration)
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