Interface Testing Tool

Interface Testing Tool

Codeless test automation for SAP
systems integration

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Challenge Accepted

Enterprise Integration of SAP systems is often based on reusing existing components and that requires careful regression testing. It’s even more of a challenge now, as concepts such as continuous integration and continuous delivery are becoming a common practice. Faster development pace sets a high bar for testing tools, as it demands continuous testing.

Int4 IFTT is a market leader in SAP centric automated integration testing.

It strengthens DevOps by ensuring the quality of every change introduced to application interfaces.

It significantly reduces the risk of introducing changes in the area of SAP Integration and offers tremendous time and costs savings throughout different testing phases.

Int4 IFTT fills the gap for automated testing in the area of SAP integration and can be integrated and used in parallel with other Testing Suites.

Instead of simple API testing, we have a unique approach for an end to end application interface testing, that covers full SAP landscape, all technical and business components.

Key Differentiators

Minimal effort of creating test cases using the Repeater® functionality: case creation based on existing middleware messages and corresponding S/4HANA business documents.

Automated execution of thousands of test cases is a matter of minutes not days.

Freedom of testing by service virtualization: the 3rd party systems are no longer needed to perform SAP landscape testing.

Complete testing scope Validation both of the SAP PI/PO and SAP S/4HANA backend.

No additional hardware is required. Int4 IFTT is a certified SAP Add-on. Deployed on SAP Solution Manager or other ABAP based system.

Business-oriented Compares the final results of an interface (e.g. posted accounting documents or created logistics documents) in addition to checking the content of messages.

Process-oriented One-click to test a complex business scenario consisting of several test cases. Integrated with external testing software like HP UFT or Tricentis Tosca and SAP eCATT.

Simplification Integration is no more a black hole. Perform testing by testers, not SAP integration experts. On the other hand, allow integration experts to test themselves without functional or process knowledge.


Quick return on investment based on significant time and resource reduction

Shift left defects or issues identified much quicker thanks to continuous testing

Increased trust and reliability in entire system landscape

Fast adoption of business needs

Use cases

Int4 IFTT might be used in multiple fields of exploration both by project and maintenance teams. The most common applications are:

SAP Process Orchestration

SAP Process Orchestration migrations and upgrades:

The nature of such projects is purely technical, but still requires extensive testing. Int4 IFTT enables closing testing in hours. Similarly, the SAP Cloud Platform Integration updates also require attention. The cloud software is released based on the vendor schedule, so the test plan is usually very tight.

Implementing DevOps:

With Int4 IFTT you can build a framework for continuous testing in the area of SAP systems Integration. By daily regression testing, you can significantly limit the defect solving costs (shift left) and increase the pace of production deployments with minimal risk.

The failures might be automatically reported in the defect management systems like SAP Solution Manager CHARM or Service Now. Int4 IFTT provides API that might be integrated with CI/CD pipelines.

SAP AIF Implementation

Migrations from one middleware to another or SAP AIF Implementation:

Similarly to upgrades, migration from one middleware to another is a technical job. It might be a very beneficial decision from an ROI perspective but requires a lot of retesting. From a business point of view, there are no changes – the Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach can be followed. Test cases are created in the old platform and the same data is executed on the new one.

SAP S/4HANA conversions:

There is never enough time and resources for testing.

Int4 IFTT jumps in and automates the testing of all interface-related scenarios. It also enables the massive creation of documents that might be used for testing other business processes.

SAP Rollouts:

One of the critical paths in the integration area of SAP rollout projects is assuring that the changes and new functions in application interfaces do not impact live sites.

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