Software Projects Consulting, Inc. provides software solutions and support. Our focus are companies looking for expertise and assistance with the ERP System SAP. We also design, develop, and support professional business applications built on the Microsoft Office platform.

Who are we?

We are an established provider of software services and solutions in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Since establishing Software Projects Consulting in Charleston at the eve of the new millennium, we have been and continue to be committed to providing the best service and delivering the best value to our clients.

Software Projects Consulting is a fully privately owned South Carolina Corporation.

How we do Things

Company values (Mission/ Vision)

German-American Relations

To be clear, we don’t do politics. What happens on the political world stage may hold a personal interest but it does not change our commitment to making the professional transatlantic relations between our two countries flourish. We know the special intercultural challenges, the different expectations of the way things should run, the diverse traditions, and the specific legal aspects that are a part of any transatlantic project. Fortunately, we speak both languages and know how to translate expectations from both sides of the Atlantic into solutions that work to meet and exceed those expectations – for all involved, in Germany or the United States.